Your WordPress Optimized: Top Five Ways to Boost Site Visibility

Technology has itself been optimized countless times. With the swipe of your thumb you have instant access to everything you need online. Today, people expect direct access to goods, services, and information. As their demands are met, the hunger for quicker solutions and faster service grows. You now have a small window of time to satisfy them as customers come with shorter attention spans and greater expectations. However, dealing with a short attention span is a small problem to handle if you know how to properly optimize your WordPress.

Before going in…

Let’s figure out what it is that your website needs to work on by doing some self-assessment test. Try different Analytical programs like GTMetrix, a free Performance Service similar to Google Page Speed Insights. Not only will they tell you how long it takes for your page to load but they’ll give you tips on how to increase your pages potential.

The time it takes to load your website will be crucial to its success. The longer it takes the page to load- the quicker you can lose your audience. Your websites performance can also affect your ranking among popular search engines, like Google. By optimizing your website, you make it easier for Search bots to scan your content. Let us help you to maximize your WordPress capabilities.

  1. Make sure your Host is up to the task. You might think that because you don’t receive major traffic that any hosting plan will do but this is a naïve notion to live by. Planning for eventual growth or an unexpected surge of viewers could save you time and money. Be sure to go with a well-known host who offers reliability not just affordability. If you work as a network or hub of businesses, Your Host reliability is important. You might be interested or already running a site using a shared hosting service. Check your pages loading time against competitors within your niche, for example Photography or Web Design, to see how your site compares to theirs.


*Your Host can not do all the work. Decent Hosting services require a little work on your part. When sorting through providers look at what they need from you in order to run smoothly.


  1. Your Theme is more than pretty. Not only do WordPress themes look good but they offer features beneficial to your businesses success. Simple designs are obviously easy to maintain and quick to load. However, a badly written code, containing too many images, and having a poor loading time can cause visitors to back track to Google Search and look elsewhere.


Sift through that thousands of Eye catching themes for one that is already optimized for Desktops and Mobile alike. WordPress themes offer both, however WordPress also gives you the option to enable Mobile Viewing or not. Search Bots take into account how interactive your theme is and whether or not your site is mobile friendly. If you have ever used Google Search on a Mobile device you will notice them list Mobile friendly sites higher in your rankings.


*Don’t simply pick a quick loading demo theme either. Once you have chosen a theme test it out; see how it adapts to the widgets and imagery you have added. Often times the demo will not adapt to your sites overall layout!


  1. Don’t just Plug-in and plug-out! Before adding any widget or Plug-In to your site make sure it serves a purpose. Often times the page is slow because the site owners have crammed it with too many “extra features”. Some of these features are known for their difficulty loading, which can be caused by several reasons like calls to external servers, updating of your hosting database, or simply bad coding. Be sure to avoid a meltdown by checking CPA Plug-Ins use. By using Plug-Ins like P3Profiler you can monitor the loading time and performance of your plug-ins.


  1. Do your chores routinely, take out the trash often. Sites like WordPress have upgraded to include a trash folder for spam comments, outdated post, unwanted Media, and other deleted content. While WordPress automatically removes content older than 30 Days, even though it’s deleted, it isn’t gone- just yet. Be sure to rummage through it first to make sure you haven’t accidently erased something crucial—and THEN wipe your slate clean!


  1. Watch your Content traffic. As mentioned a lot of unwanted Comments containing spam links, imagery, and pingbacks to other sites can cause your Site to run infinitely slower. Also any saved drafts or revisions take up space in your sites cache. Some hosting sites automatically cache revision upon opening or closing content. Delete spam comments and any other content you might not need using WP Optimize.


These are the top five ways to optimize your WordPress site. Of course, there are at least a dozen other ways to increase your sites loading time and accessibility, these are usually the main reasons a site will process slowly. While optimizing your site might seem like consistently having to give your site an over-haul, what it really boils down to is maintaining the quality and functionality of your site.

It might seem like a massive task if you don’t know where to begin. CMS Managers can help optimization your WordPress Site with ease while securing and backing up your work. Contact us for WordPress maintenance and support services starting at just $29.99.


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