Your WordPress site has malware, now what?

Malware Removal Service

Your WordPress site has malware, now what?

Malware removal serviceMalware can take many forms once your page is infected.  Many times you’ll start seeing things like spam advertising injected into your site’s footer or header.  Injected page content will usually take the form of elicit services like pornography or fringe products or even potentially illegal content.  Sometimes this content will be “invisible” to the human eye due to specially designed formatting.  If you see Chrome’s red screen of death, you’ll need to take appropriate action quickly or risk losing traffic and potential customers.

You may also start receiving feedback from site users or reports that guests are being redirected to another site once they view yours.  All of these factors are a sure sign that malware has infected your WordPress site.  When you get to this point WordPress may even freeze your account or lock down your page but don’t worry.  You can remedy these issues.

If you suspect your WordPress site has been hacked or infected with malware don’t panic!  You can start hunting down the infection by performing scans of your own computer, what’s referred to as the “local” environment.  Often the origin of malware is your own system so you’ll have to clean it before you can clear your site of any infection.

Once you have worked on the local system try scanning the WordPress website – there are many plugins out there that can help you with this process but you’ll want to be sure you scan everything.  Make sure all your files are visible or search for executable files.  You can also remove Malware from WordPress site by using our Malware Removal Service.

Hopefully these steps will eliminate the malware on your site and you can get things back to normal as soon as possible.  Once things are back up and running consider scanning your computer often.  You will also want to reconsider your security protocols, update you passwords and tighten things down around the site.  An ounce of prevention in this scenario will go a long way to keeping malware at bay in the future.

Learn more about our Malware Removal Service.

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