WP e-Commerce: Building Your Online Store

WP e-Commerce: Building Your Online Store

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The popular WordPress Plug-in, WP e-Commerce, allows you to build a powerful and efficient online store with ease. This shopping cart plug-in, designed by GetShopped.org, gives you the ability to sell merchandise from your site, but it also has other great features:

  • Easy install, WordPress Friendly and supportive, with supportive services at hand.
  • Customizable template, Supports Language Translator
  • Search Engine friendly, Google Integration, which is awesome.
  • Not only is it cool for promoting services and products on social networks, but it provides payment options through all the popular commerce portals like Pay-Pal.
  • Comes with multi-shipping & currency options.
  • SSL security integration and other great features.

While there are more features for Premium Members, WP e-Commerce allows you to promote and sell products quickly.

What You’ll Need for WP e-Commerce: Building Your Online Store

  1. Before accessing this plug-in, you’ll need to have WordPress Development Environment in your CMS already. BitNami is a highly recommended tool for WP Environment Development and testing.
  2. Once you have logged into your Admin Dashboard, remove all the trash from your Posts Section. Then you can begin creating new categories for your content related to your business. For example, if you were a Car Dealership, you would have categories such as Interior Design, Custom Automobile Parts, Tune Ups and Engine Checks, Etc.
  3. Repeat this step with Pages Section, However this time create your relevant pages like Company Bio, Contact forms, and FAQs if applicable.
  4. At this point, you can customize your current theme or choose from the premium & free themes offered by WordPress, by selecting the Appearance Section>Theme.
  5. WordPress Theme Customizer is pretty simple! You can change you Heading, Site Identity (Tag Line, Title, Blog Avatar), and even change the static page (also known as the landing page for your site).
  6. Be sure to allow anyone to register (within General settings) & Save changes!

**To create Custom Url Links to your Site, head to Settings>Permalinks>Custom Structure, Enter /%Postname%/  and Save work.

**If you don’t want any commentary on your site, which I doubt you do, be sure to deactivate comments by heading over to the Discussions Section of your WP Admin Dashboard Settings. Uncheck every last box.

Ready to Install and Unwrap your New WP e-Commerce Plug In

award-winning-serviceNow that you have set-up your website and have prepped it for your e-commerce activity we can begin installing your plug in. This is great because if you aren’t part of the tech squad you can simply install it using the WordPress Plug In menu. If you are a computer ninja and want to show off that prowess, knock yourself out and install it manually.

Once you have followed the instructions provided for installation by your carrier [the routine download and activate instillation], you should notice some changes to your dashboard. Three new sections to help manage you E-commerce Site should have appeared: Sales by Quarter, Sales by Month and Sales Summary.

**Play around with your new features & try setting a new Static/Landing Page. You should probably set your products page as your Landing page to set viewers up with instant access to your products!

Head down to your new store setting and start adding products to fill up your landing page. Set product categories, write awesome product descriptions, and more.

You have set up a basic store at this point. You can now begin to define your Company profile as mentioned [building foundation pages such as About Me, Contact Us (E-mail form included), and FAQs Pages.

With all the changes to your site, it is important to check things like site optimization and loading times, as well as any glitches that might affect your WordPress sites security. This would also be a good time to back up all the changes you have made since incorporating WP e-Commerce: Building Your Online Store into your site.

Once you get your shopping cart setup, it’s imperative that you monitor, manage and keep your WordPress install up to date and secure.  CMS Managers can help you maintain your online store and WordPress site with our Support & Maintenance Packages starting at just $29.99.


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