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WordPress offers Security Plug Ins for Your Website

WordPress Malware ScanningWordPress Security Plugged into your Site. Building up your WordPress Security using Plug Ins may not be something you have considered necessary but with the possible hacker looming nearby it doesn’t sound like a bad Idea, does it?

WordPress offers a variety of Plug Ins and widgets for your every need, including Security. But how secure are these Plug-Ins and should site owners invest in installing more Plug-ins?

Why Bother With Plug-Ins?

When dealing with Plug-ins, you mostly consider the effect it will have on your sites loading time and its overall usefulness to both you and the reader. Most don’t consider the possibility of a plug-in allowing a hacker into their site or that there are plug-ins that can also keep hackers out!

While you should delete any plug-ins you don’t need, to boost site speed, you should also never download any from an outside source since it’s coding could be Trojan horse to get pass your sites security. Be sure to actually delete unwanted plug-ins and not just deactivating them. Very important note!

When Dealing with Plug-ins, its best to remember:

  • Never Bootleg: downloading free premiums or buying cheaper versions will cost you a lot more than a few bucks!
  • Delete any unwanted Plugins to not only protect site but boost speed.
  • Only trust well known developers like WordPress.org who run each plug in though several fire walls programs to ensure they catch the glitch before the hackers catch up to you!
  • Set all Plug-ins up for Automatic Update so you don’t have to worry about it later!

Security Plug-Ins worth Installing

wordpress-firewallIt can be tempting to opt for a premium plug-in coming with a discount from an outside seller, however illegal premium version plug-ins are often re-written with malicious coding or worn down from shifting between damaged hard wares. Meaning, the hacker who had the program before you has just sold you HIS golden ticket into YOUR cyber kingdom. Here are some great Plug-Ins to check out:

  • All in One WP Security & FireWall for those who aren’t familiar with advanced security settings. It comes with the basics like a password strength tool and a Log-In Lockdown mechanism for those who try and fail to do so. These attacks are known as Brute Force Attacks to your account.
  • iThemes Security presents beginners and pros alike a great platform for ensuring security. They provide you with a list of things you can to do to make sure your site is hack proof and you simply check them off as you go.
  • Wordfence Security provides free protection from hacks and malware. It is a highly recommended plug-in with over 1 Million installations to date. Coming with a two-step authentication procedure, it also checks the site for infections and glitches.
  • WP Antivirus Site Protection is a plug-in that a thorough scan of all your websites content and coding. It pinpoints all the nasty coding and hidden back links, adware, spyware, and fraudtools. Once it has located them it takes measures to protect you and also remove them if possible. With Daily Updates you can see any threats within your WordPress Admin Dashboard.

Head straight to a well-known developer, who puts their own plug-ins through the tech-gauntlet of extensive testing and consistent updates, like WordPress.Org. They update frequently instead of just coming out with newer, more expensive versions of the same plug-in.

What If I Need Assistance With Installation?

While some Plug-ins require you to manually install others simply require activation.  We understand the risks involved when implementing anything new to your website. Contact Professionals if you have questions on maintaining your security or want to avoid harmful attacks on your WordPress Site. CMS Managers works closely with clients to ensure they have their WordPress Security in place at all times to avoid cyber-attacks.  We install a firewall and monitor your website 24/7 to ensure your safe.  In fact we conduct all of our malware scans “off-site” so that your server isn’t heavily taxed with extra files and required resources.


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