WordPress Process Monitoring Tools

process-monitoring and uptime for wordpress

WordPress Process Monitoring Tools

WordPress Process Monitoring Tools WordPress process monitoring tools are abundant if you know where to look.  Why is process monitoring Important?  Well because you want to know when your site goes down.  It helps you identify why so you can fix what caused the downtime quickly.  Once your site is online it is important that it remains up and active, you can’t afford any downtime.  When a customer reaches a site that is down or cannot access your content you lose potential customers.  If this happens enough you’ll damage your site’s reputation or business.

Realistically you can’t manually watch your website 24 hours a day, that’s where WordPress process monitoring tools come into play.  There are several services out there that provide uptime monitoring.  This just means that the service will check your site at given intervals to make sure your site is running and that the site is up at all.  Sometimes all this service does is load your website, others will check elements within your site to see if they are responding.

WordPress Process Monitoring Tools for WordPressImportant features of uptime monitoring include automating the “check in” process.  You can set intervals for your service to check in on your website.  If your site is offline an alert will be sent to you to notify you of any potential issues.  These services can check your WordPress site every 1-10 minutes, whatever your prefer.

Some popular uptime monitoring services include:

  • Uptime Robot –  Uptime Robot will check your site at a predetermined interval.  This service works by pinging your website header for status codes.  Things like a “404” will trigger an alert.  If no codes are found you’re sites up and running.
  • Site Scanners – Site Scanners is a great service that monitors and checks your site 24/7.  They also monitor your site for viruses and malware.

Once you have uptime or process monitoring you can rest easy.  Should your site go down you’ll be notified immediately and will be able to take action.  However, you can also be proactive with your website to prevent downtime, optimizing your site is a great way to keep things running smoothly.

CMS Managers offers solutions include WordPress monitoring 24/7 along with a monthly report. Whether it is a WordPress blog or fully responsive website, we can help secure, optimize and backup your site so that you can focus on running your business.




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