WordPress Naturally Vulnerable; Easily Protected with CMS Managers

WordPress Promises and Security Capabilities

WordPress’ has fulfilled its promise as being the most versatile and functional web hosting platform gaining well-earned popularity; however this open-source platform never boasted guaranteed Security Capabilities.

WordPress is an Open Source Template which allows you to incorporate outsourced Themes and Plug In’s, making it naturally vulnerable to attacks from a number of different sources. Taking advantage of the platforms popularity and rookie site owners, Hackers can infiltrate outdated WordPress Themes and Plug Ins that have been left forgotten.

They can also pose as a trustworthy source for WordPress Themes and Plug-Ins. Selling you their beautifully crafted theme which is secretly riddled with hidden links and that plug in promising to make your website run smoother that is really be redirecting your site traffic to some offensive spam site.

Regardless of how popular WordPress is in regards to affordability and functionality, it has only promised to be a Secure as its latest update.

Ensuring Your WordPress Security Yourself

Ensuring that your WordPress Security is strengthened to withstand hackers yourself has been a reoccurring theme lately because so few people take into account the tiniest details when hardening their basic Firewalls until it is too late.

A hack could cost a site owner more than a little time but also jeopardize their credibility and cost them their business. It is important to remember that hackers can access and infect your site various ways, but there three basic steps to ensure general security of your WordPress site.

  1. Secure Passwords and Log In Accounts
  2. Stay Up to date with WordPress
  3. Be cautious of outsourced themes and plug ins

While hackers become more sophisticated with each update, so should you. Invest in Password Generators and other security Plug Ins which could help you scan your site for malware, hidden links, and unknown back doors.

Investing in Security for your WordPress Site

WordPress offers a variety of Security Plug Ins to cover any sort of vulnerabilities its open-source platform might carry and many are worth the investment when it comes to securing your WordPress site.

There are a number of Plug Ins to help strengthen your basic firewalls; for instance, WordPress has an unlimited amount of Log In attempts. A hacker can use their own favorite hacking software, like Hydra’s Hacking Tool, to exploit this soft spot. This popular program works by using a list of possible log in accounts to initiate a brute force attack until they have cracked your Password.

Incorporating Plug Ins like WP Log In to limit the number of Log in attempts can help eliminate hackers trying aggressively gain access to your WordPress Site. You can also incorporate a two-factor authorization (2FA) to stop any computer software being used to gain access to your site. By requesting a captcha or human verification, you can stop brute force programs from handing your site over to hackers.

Plug Ins Are Affordable and Equally Costly

Plug Ins are easily maintained and affordable, however not all Plug In’s are created equal which could cause it to become a costly investment for WordPress Site Owners.

You might find a Plug in that scans your site and alerts you of malware, scareware, or fraudtools and such; however, it does not remove the malicious coding or hidden links for you. It can be hard locating a reliable source for premium plug ins that cover all of your security needs, causing site owners to use multiple  plug ins to cover various vulnerabilities.

CMS Managers can provide all around protection for your WordPress website by strengthening your basic firewalls and also incorporating other security measures like your choice of daily, weekly, or monthly back ups to protect your data. Providing a variety of Support and Maintenance plans for WordPress, CMS Managers allows Site Owners to choose a plan which covers any questionable soft spots within their WordPress Website.

Cut your Security Cost in half and upgrade your WordPress Sites Security by contacting CMS Managers today; packages starting at just $29.99!


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