WordPress back-up and restoration plugin

The importance of a back-up and restoration plugin

wordpress-firewallAs an owner of a website, a cardinal principle that you should be aware of is the importance of a back-up and restoration plugin.

In this article, the topic is back up and restoration of websites.

A back-up of your website is like a spare tire. It is always there ready to be used when the situation calls for it. If you don’t have a spare tire and you suffer a flat tire, you’re in deep trouble.

But once the flat tire is replaced, you are on your way again. As some say, you will get it done “in a jiffy”. The procedure should be quick because any delay will be costly and could initiate a chain of negative chain reaction.

Another analogy is the practice of having a co-pilot. If the pilot is unable to fly the plane, the co-pilot will. It’s a necessary back-up to prevent a disaster.

Don’t worry, implementing the importance of a back-up and restoration plugin will take only a short period of time to accomplish. But a backup will always come in handy when your site encounters problems (e.g. it is hacked or files are deleted). This will enable you to restore the site with a minimum amount of effort.

creating off site backups for WordPressImagine what a disaster it would be to your site especially if you run an online store and your site goes down suddenly because it was hacked or someone was able to install malware on your server.  It could cost you your business.  Just asked those who have had it happen to them.  They’ll never make the mistake of not utilizing a backup plugin or service again.

It’s a “no brainer”, really.   Backing up your website should be one of your first priorities once your website is live.

Are there dependable backup plugins to choose from? There are many. The more popular ones are:

  • BackWPup – is free, but it has premium options you can purchase
  • BackupBuddy with a price tag that is affordable (considering the cost of reconstructing your site).
  • Backup WordPress which has free and premium versions
  • Vault Press – however, this does not have a free version
  • Updraft Plus – with both free and premium versions. This is reportedly the most popular backup plugin for WordPress

So when it comes to backups and restoration plugins there is no shortage of choices.  Consider signing up to CMS Managers. We provide monthly, weekly and daily backups according to your plan.  We provide off site backups that can never be accidentally deleted.


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