What’s the Deal with Free WordPress?

WordPress CMS

WordPress the Most Powerful & Free Open Source Platform

Many wonder why WordPress, one of the most versatile and powerful CMS on the market, is available freely and what the catches are aligned with using this Free Open Source Platform.

While the WordPress installation is offered freely, incorporating certain features, framework, and hosting will cost you a pretty penny depending on your provider.

WordPress itself is an Open Source Software that allows its site owner the freedom to use the site for whatever purposes they choose; however, the many independent developers and web designers have put a price on the valuable plug ins and adaptable themes.

Why there’s No Price on WordPress Softwarebadge

WordPress Software could have probably sold and made millions if one company or set individual actually owned WordPress.

WordPress is definitely marketable; however since it was built as a community based platform project in which a dozen or so hundred Thousand individuals contribute to the development and upkeep of its software. Any developer or web designer, or blogger for that matter, can bring a glitch or bug to the attention of the current team of WordPress Developers, as they tend to change over time or with each new version.

Making Money with WordPress

While WordPress may be free to use and come with some Maintenance cost, many initially seek to use WordPress’ Free Blogging Platform to make money.

Not to be confused with WordPress.Com Website, which don’t allow for monetization on freely hosted sites, WordPress.Org [known as Self-Hosted WordPress or simply WordPress] has various avenues for creating an online income.

You can use your WordPress Site for Google AdSense, the bidding and placement of relevant ads. It can be used for an E-Commerce Website, participation in affiliate programs, or even as a business service platform. With WordPress.org sites the avenues for monetizing your site with WordPress.Com you have to purchase an upgrade and domain name to do so. To get complete WP.Org power and versatility on a WP.Com site will cost you a little around $3250… a month.

WordPress Software has continued to help others make money as web designers and developers have built companies around WordPress creating plug in’s, themes, offering Hosting, and even WordPress Support and Maintenance Services. Certain Firms and Freelancers knowledgeable in WordPress offer Site development and create Plug in’s and Apps based on their clients WordPress website.

Is WordPress Copyright Free?WordPress Logo in Hand

WordPress may not be copyright protected; however it is licensed so that everyone has an ability to use it and an individuals contributions to WordPress Software is copyrighted.

Since this open source software is registered under GQL , you have the ability to alter it’s coding for redistribution. If you happen to make a patch for WordPress Software that is then incorporated into a new version, you will own copyrights to that patch but not the entire code. The original GQL still stands and now includes any changes you have incorporated, which means it is still open to alterations and further redistribution by others.

This may include Themes and Plug Ins as well. While image, CSS, and Javascript used within the Plug ins and Themes coding may be excluded, there are basic community guidelines among WordPress Developers and Web Designers which help continue its growth. Even though Major developers and Companies built on WordPress Plug in’s and Themes are speaking out against this, as it lowers their product value, reliable WordPress Professionals have no problem providing their products within these community guidelines.

As for Individual work published on WordPress Sites, you are required to copyright your own content. Just like any other business, when you put your name on something and intend to make money from it, you should invest time protecting your work; unless you are writing for the WordPress Platform and publishing work on their behalf any content published by you on WordPress is not copyright protected.

Cost of Using WordPress

This open source software is free to use, but there are some cost covering essentials needed to build your intended site, protect your WordPress Data and client/membership info, and maintain your WordPress sites functionality.

Here are some things which could contribute to the cost of using WordPress:

  • Web Hosting and unique Domain Name are obviously two essentials that you can’t start your WordPress Site without. For certain WordPress affiliates, like WP beginners, you can get reliable hosting from providers such as Blue Host for as low as $3.95/month.
  • Premium Themes are used to build sites that offer additional and specific features. Premium themes are for WordPress owners who want create a tailor-made platform; however there are over 2700+ free WordPress themesthat offer reliable site functionality.
  • Commercial Plug Ins’ are great when you want to make the most of free themes . With over 37,000 free WordPress plugins you can cut these cost in half, but note that free themes and plug ins are not required to provide technical support or maintenance, unlike Premium Themes and Plug ins. With them you purchase their support and continued maintenance.

WordPress worth Its BudgetWordPress CMS

WordPress Software is free to use however you see fit. You can create a completely functional WordPress Site with a considerably small budget, incorporate themes and plug in’s which could help you build and online budget, and in return your budget cost will become a steady investment.

WordPress, as a Free, Open Source Blogging platform, is worth its initial Domain and Hosting Cost, plus the budget of Upkeep and Maintenance. You can even go a step further to make your budget work for you by investing in a full service WordPress Support and Maintenance Group, such as CMS Managers, who can provide you with a multitude of services or specialized packages including Site back-ups, malware scans, on call technical support, and more.


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