What Is A CMS or Content Management System?

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What Is A CMS or Content Management System?

What is a CMS or Content Management System? As noted CMS stands for “Content Management System” and it is a term that was created to define some platforms in the web development industry.  CMS is generally accepted as any application available online that has the ability to manage content.  A content management system connects multiple users to input or manage information across a website or blog for example.  WordPress is a perfect example of a Content Management System.

Managing content in the context of this definition means either publishing information or curating it.  Curating can take the form of data archiving or editing information contained within the site itself.  Many CMS systems operate under the premise of a database so content management in inherent in the framework of a system like WordPress.

Examples of content management can specifically include:

  • Creating, writing, publishing or editing a blog post
  • Archiving pages or posts
  • Entering events into a calendar

And so on…

What are the top CMS’s out there?

What does CMS stand for?

Content Management Systems will usually consist of several elements including a content management application (CMA) and content delivery application (CDA).  The management application allows users, who can be divided into groups such as administrators or basic users, the ability to create content.  The plus in all this?  Your users do not have to understand HTML or other markup language to create engaging content.  This is all through the benefit of the management application such as the WordPress dashboard.  This innovation completely removes the need for a webmaster with coding expertise.  The delivery side of this application then compiles your data into a functional website.  Functions within these platforms include web publishing as well as format control.  Within each of these functions are controls for edits and indexing.

Content Management Systems have taken the mystique out of creating and managing a website.  The system has put managing your own website into the hands of the everyday use and revolutionized how we interact online.

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