VaultPress: Ultimate Website Security

VaultPress: Ultimate Website Security

VaultPress is providing peace of mind as the ultimate website security program for WordPress and other popular CMS Platforms.

Imagine a Large Security Box that could store all your Website data for you, like a vault providing the ultimate Website Security. VaultPress by Automattic is a safe and secure program that backs up, provides security and support for your website security.

Ensuring that your Website Content is backed up in real time, VaultPress stores your data in a secure location, scans you website on a daily basis, and enables an automatic restoration of your site if needed.

Programs like VaultPress are efficient at undoing the madness caused by hackers and to ward of further attacks by giving you information to strengthen your WordPress Security.

While you still have to take steps like strengthening your log in information and removing bugs and hidden content yourself, it can be a great learning and notification tool.

Help VaultPress Be More Efficient By Giving It A Head Start

You can help VaultPress be more efficient by giving it a head start in strengthening your website security.

By taking basic steps to create a secure website and ward of generic attacks, like those implemented by hacker bots to root out common site vulnerabilities, you can use Vault Press to catch anything you might have missed.

It is common for hackers to commit mass attacks using bots that scan sites for outdated plug in’s and abandoned versions of WordPress Cores and Themes. These outdated versions are like leaving the welcome light on for hackers as they inject hidden links and malicious coding into themes and plug in’s without your knowledge.

Hidden Links and malicious coding can be used to steal not just your data but your clients, allows them to redirect site traffic, and will eventually cause your site to malfunction or crash. Updating your WordPress core, themes, and plug in’s before and during the use of Vault Press will keep hackers from being able to insert malicious coding and destroying your website.

Easy Restoring your WordPress Website

If needed VaultPress stores real-time back up’s for an easier Restoration of your WordPress Website. There are several ways to clean your hacked website. Try this to recover your hacked WordPress Website.

Once you have cleaned your website database and removed the malicious coding, you can properly restore your WordPress website with the back-up provided by vault. Be sure to take precautions like:

  • Adjusting your site permission to the highest level and still allows the site to function normally.
  • Try changing your Log in information from Admin to a personalized Host account name and research some Password Generators for an uncrack-able combination of letters, symbols, and numbers to beat any bots hackers wanting easy access to your site.
  • Deleting any unused plug in’s sitting idle with in your WordPress. Often times we don’t use these plug in’s, so we see don’t see the need in updating them and we don’t bother to completely delete them, but simply deactivate them. Both of these mistakes can cost you your website and possibly your business.

Let CMS Managers Pitch In

Website Security is often challenged by malicious hackers when using a popular host like WordPress; allow CMS Managers to pitch in and help strengthen your website and safeguard your Content Management System.

While VaultPress is a great tool for those short on time and expertise, this notification tool does not do all the work for you. CMS Managers can provide hands on support with updates and back up’s as well as provide personal attention to your Websites security.

If you would like help with important programs and plug-in’s like VaultPress or you are unsure of your Content Management Systems ability to withstand a hacker, get in touch with us today!


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