Understanding Hackers & How they Operate

keep wordpress hackers at bay

When Setting up Site Security, understanding Hackers and how they operate is step one. Your WordPress site is under attack from various sources, whether you know it or not. CMS Managers wants you to be prepared for Hackers and their attempts to invade your site.

What is their purpose and end game? How do they intend to break into your site? What tricks and bugs do they have at their disposal?  What are they expecting from you and how can you switch it up to catch them off guard?

What Are Hackers?

These are all valid questions to have when trying to guard your site from frivolous attacks. When we say Hackers we mean anyone using a computer to gain unauthorized access to data.

Of course there are different levels of hackers like the elusive Cyber Criminals. Not like Black hats and SEO Wizards, but people who intend to do ill will by committing crimes online. While most assume they do it for money, most hackers are in it for the thrill of the prize- Hacking a seemingly un-hackable site.

Being known for their skills is more of an underground thing. The best Hackers are those who keep their identity secret. They cover their tracks well enough so that there isn’t a bread crumb visible for a rookie, at which point you would need someone like The Geek Squad or CMS Managers to save the day.

How Do Hackers Find Me?

hackers photoWith the number of attacks outnumbering the amount of systems actually being monitored, Hackers never really think they can or will get caught. As a company grows so does their Computer database, employee logins, and access points to all that coveted information.

Here is where you have to put yourself in the mindset of a sinister hacker.  Most Hackers don’t know it’s you they want, at first. It’s not as if they wake up and draw names at random. They are, however, searching for something that you just so happen to have: an access point to someone’s data.

Meaning: You don’t have to be the guy in charge to be under attack. You could be the secretary or accountant [or anyone with significant security clearance and data access] which would make you a hackers unknowing target. In fact, there is less risk and hassle when hacking a lower level account or employee as opposed to upper management or administrative accounts, so they are the easier targets for hackers.

What’s a Hackers Favorite Tools?

Hackers evolve with the times. Their tools have become more complex and at the same time easy to use and manage like CMS tools. They have access to programs that will actually do all the work for them while they wait for your site to be handed over to them.

Hydra Hacking Tool is one of those programs. Known as a server of brute force attacks, Hydra [also known as THC Hydra] is a quick solution to a hacker’s time consuming problem: Too many possible passwords and not enough time.  Being able to solve this problem and crack over thirty protocols, this customizable, Trial-and-error program is easily a Hackers favorite.

Metasploit, known as a hacker’s penetration tool-kit, is the most functional being able to develop and execute tactics to manipulate your security system. The fact that it offers both a free version and premium version, comes with dozens of exploitation features, and Weekly updates of their dozens of modules, Metasploit is a hackers double edge sword. While it is great for pointing out weaknesses and access points, it is also a great tool for you to use when testing your securities effectiveness.  It will allow you to locate site and user vulnerability, which is a bonus for large corporations or small consulting firms.

It’s best to research the latest tools of a hacker and familiarize yourself with how they work. While these two programs may function very differently they both have one purpose: to gain access to unauthorized data. Put their tools to work against them by allowing them to pin point areas you should be concerned with and then ensure that you have repaired the glitch by doing so frequently.

How Can I Stay Two Steps Ahead of Potential Hackers?

hackers photoThere are steps you can take to slow down hackers on your own which we discussed in previous articles. Let’s recap; it is strongly advised you do the following things regularly:

  • Delete and remove any Plug-ins, widgets, or extra features provided. If you have used a free theme or paid for one, chances are it came with a plug-in or widget you had no use for. Delete it for two reasons: Site Optimization and Security.
  • Use Password Generating Managers if you feel like you cannot effectively create a solid password. Never use log-ins like Admin or Host and to hide your Log-In credentials from showing up anywhere on your site or URLs.
  • You should never download free versions of premium plug-ins or themes, especially from unknown sites or source. Sometimes Freebies cost you more than you’d expect.
  • Update your theme and Plug Ins regularly to ensure that you have the latest versions. Once the upgrade is available the defects from the previous version is made public knowledge.

Understanding Hackers and how they operate, you have a better chance of with-standing an attack. Don’t allow hackers to easily commit malicious attacks to your site.

CMS Managers work hard to help you harden your WP security because we want you to have an ease of mind. By building firewalls to strengthen your security and working around the clock to provide Support & Maintenance Services, we help you to remain leaps and bounds ahead of potential hackers, never mind the next few steps.


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