Top 5 WordPress Maintenance and Support Services

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Top 5 WordPress Maintenance and Support Services

wordpress support and maintenence servicesAs a manager of a website or online business sometimes you have to know how to delegate.  Any business owner or site author may reach a point in their career where tending to the daily maintenance of their WordPress site is more than they can handle.  At this point you should ask yourself, “should I outsource my WordPress maintenance?” Here, we’ll go over the Top 5 WordPress Maintenance and Support Services out there.  There are others but these 5 impressed us.

If you are considering outsourcing your maintenance activities what are some of the better services out there?  The following list is the Top 5 Maintenance and Support Services for WordPress:

  • WP Maintainer – this service focuses on WordPress maintenance and a compatibility guarantee offering support should your site go down due to an update. The service includes monthly support, backups, and security monitoring as well.
  • CMS Managers — a realatively new service but what set’s CMS Managers apart from the other services is that you have a dedicated account manager and options for site edits and malware removal included.  Also, I liked their robust and easy sign up process that offers you discounts for multiple sites and yearly subscriptions.
  • WP Site Care – an affordable option with daily support in the form of backups and site updates. There is a premium option as well and a professional/business option that includes phone support as well as other perks.
  • Fix My WP – another tiered service option with junior and professional plans.  Services include site optimization, backups and spam clean up.
  • Maintainn – one of the older maintenance services out there (it was founded in 2012) but that doesn’t mean you should count it out.  Maintainn offers an all-in-one sort of maintenance service, they handle security, development and the basic daily housekeeping your site needs to keep it looking fresh.

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Putting the maintenance of your website or blog into the hands of someone else can be intimidating, after all, this is your baby.  However, finding the right person or service to maintain your page is key.  The services listed above should give you a great starting point to the perfect maintenance service.  If you’re struggling to keep up or just trying to maintain the status quo these services can really help.  How much is your free time worth to you?  Why stress out when you can easily eliminate the stress of daily updates and site security?  Freeing up the time you put into handling these daily tasks means you’ll have time to devote to other areas of your business.  It’s a win-win!


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