Top 4 WordPress Firewalls to Install Right Now

Top 4 WordPress Firewalls to Install Right Now

Given the huge variety of firewall plugins available for WordPress, I thought it would make sense to discuss my top WordPress firewall plugins, which I believe you should install right away.

A firewall is, simply put, a piece of security equipment that places a set of rules on incoming and outgoing traffic in order to protect the server, network or in this case, our WordPress blog/website.

Here are some my key picks for which firewall to use, as well as a couple of other plugins I think everyone should be using:

  • Sucuri Firewall – Sucuri Firewall is by far the most advanced WordPress firewall in my opinion.  It is a premium plugin meaning that there is a small fee involved, but if you’re serious about keeping your site secure, then it is definitely worth it.

How it works is that it creates a proxy that essentially makes Sucuri the ‘middleman’ between your website and the rest of the web.  This means that they only send you legitimate traffic by blocking all of the malicious attacks and traffic.

If you’re thinking that Sucuri may be the right fit for you, be sure to double check with your WordPress host, as many of them have already partnered with Sucuri and the service is included.

  • WordPress Simple Security Firewall – This is a WordPress plugin created out of frustration with the previous security program from WordPress.  They did not like how other plugins deal with WordPress’ .htaccessfile.

This plugin promises to keep your site safe without altering the .htaccessfile.

  • All In-One WordPress Security And Firewall – This plugin has grown over the past few years to become one of the top security plugins for WordPress.  There are a ton of different features to help you protect your site with one of the top features being the firewall.

There are several different user levels (basic, intermediate and advanced) which has a very easy interface to use and set up.  And no matter which setting you use, they are all geared towards stopping any malicious code from ever reaching your site.

  • Ninja Firewall – Ninja Firewall was designed to be a wall between your WordPress site and the internet.  It works by constantly scanning, rejecting or sanitizing any http/https before it can reach your site.

Utilizing Top 4 WordPress FirewallsNetworking concept: Cloud Whis Padlock on digital background

Those are the top WordPress firewalls, in my opinion, and you should be utilizing at least one of them if you care about your website/blog.

It only takes a few minutes to get them setup and you will be able to rest assured that your site is safe from any malicious attacks. One other plugin that you should definitely consider is:

Akismet – Deals with spam comments and acts like a filter. Really recommended if you have comment boxes, something you should have to promote interaction with your audience. This Plugin comes automatically with the latest WordPress versions.

To add any of these plug-ins, just go into WordPress, go to the Plugins section and press “add”, look for the plugin and simply install!


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