Simple and Effective Ways to Secure Your WordPress Blog


Simple and Effective Ways to Secure Your WordPress Blog

Blogging has been a top trend for people around the globe. In the past, they used this chance to share stories about their lives while some people used them as an opportunity to share their knowledge about others. Some people used blogs to exchange information with other people as well. However, the Internet changed quickly and became a haven for business owners.

From a simple sharing blog, most of the blog sites today became one of the moneymaking techniques of a lot of business owners around the globe. Actually, even normal people use blogs to earn money. Through the help of Google Advertisements placed on the blogs after Google’s approval, you can already earn a hefty amount of money based on the valid clicks on these ads.

However, you must be aware that the blogs that are making a lot of money and even blogs that are only intended for information can be at risk of hacks and exploits. Even if you are using WordPress, the world’s most secure blog, you still have a chance of being hacked if you do not know how to add security on your blogs.

Do you want your blogs to be a platform used by hackers? Do you want to lose the investment of time and money you spent working on them? Or do you want the money that you earned to be placed on the hands of the hackers? All these things can be prevented if you know how to secure your WordPress Blog.

Create a Backup for your Databasewordpress database backup

The database of your blog is very important because it serves as the storage of the post, comments, images and all the links that you placed on your blog. If the database is hacked or corrupted, you will surely lose everything that you worked for and you will begin from scratch. Always keep in mind that there are possibilities that your data will be corrupted or erased so make sure that you backup your database and files on a regular basis so you can easily restore your blog when it is hacked or corrupted. You can look for a specific WordPress plug-in that lets you backup your files.

Upgrading your WordPress Version Regularly

The version updates of WordPress are done to solve any security holes and vulnerabilities that they find on the platform. It means that if your WordPress version is outdated, there is a big chance that the hackers can make use of the security holes to hack your account. This is your responsibility as the blog owner. WordPress is already doing their job in offering updates and new versions so it is your job on the other hand to keep your blog updated all the time.

Delete the default Admin user

Deleting the Admin and create a new one with an E-mail Address or something non-standard.

This is a simple task that every blogger must know especially the ones who are using WordPress. Instead of using the default account on your WordPress, create a new user that contains administrative privileges and use a completely random username. After that, delete the original user and use your E-mail address for login by using WordPress E-mail Login Plug-in. It will protect your blog since most of the hackers only know how to hack by using the admin account of blogs.

Install a WordPress Security Scanmalware-scan-monitor

Install a plug-in and scan your blog regularly. A security scan will check all the vulnerabilities of your blogs and suggest appropriate actions to have a secure WordPress site. Use this to keep your blog safe from security holes.

All of these are simple methods and techniques but they are proven to be effective by many users of WordPress. It is the most popular platform for blogging so you expect that it is the most targeted by hackers.


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