Sending Custom Emails With WordPress

Custom Emails for WordPress Sites

If you are using your WordPress for more than just jotting down personal thoughts and have created an entire business from it, you might want to get your WordPress Sites persona developed all around. This includes sending custom e-mails, especially if you run a membership site or E-Commerce platform.

At some point you could intend to send new members a unique message or welcome note.  You could use these custom WordPress e-mails to send site updates and important information new users may have need for after joining your WordPress Sites membership.

Why Custom WordPress Emails?17141210986_9d8407d4e7_m_email-spam

As mentioned, when a new user joins your WordPress Site there may be a lot they don’t know; such as important resources and features, access to newsletters, and potential events and gatherings hosted by your site or business.

A custom WordPress Email can also be used to present new members with discount offerings, focus on new products, and guide them to different landing sites of your WordPress Site.

How to Send Customized WordPress Emails

To start sending customized WordPress Emails you need to install a plug in like WP Better Emails; once activated head to Settings>Welcome Email.

You will be directed to a screen which allows you to edit the Welcome Email new users receive upon joining your WordPress Sites membership; you can even edit the email Admin receives whenever a new member signs up or request their membership information.

Within the Welcome Email Settings you will be able to view customization options such as altering Email Subject Line, the Body of the Email, and include relevant Site Links within closing. When you are satisfied with your custom WordPress Email, be sure to save your new settings and Send out a Test Email. You can do this within your WordPress Site to the Email Account used to host the site.

When you receive your Test Email, you will know you have successfully established your customized WordPress Email and can begin sending out new membership emails. So, If you haven’t starting building an Email List, now might be the time.

Common Issues Incorporating WordPress Welcome Emails3030271346_4517311fc0_m_email

Once you have sent out your Test Email, you could run into to some mishaps if not installed or set-up properly; such as, not receiving your Test Email.

You want to set a minute aside to make sure you are receiving other important WordPress Notifications such as Comments or Ping Backs. It could be just that your server has not been set up yet to send Emails.

The safest bet is to use Gmail’s SMTP server when sending your custom WordPress Emails. This is a precaution to ensure that your emails don’t end up in the spam box and have an improved delivery rate.

If you are to encounter any other issues incorporating customized emails contact professionals in WordPress Support and Maintenance. They can assist you with this easy fix by providing technical support and help by setting up your custom WordPress Emails for you.


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