Running Multiple WordPress Sites with iRemoteWP

Running Multiple WordPress Sites

Running Multiple WordPress sites can be time consuming and often you find it hard to manage your security. While WordPress tries to do most of the hard work for you, you still have to put in the heavy lifting and routine updates to keep your Site secure and your Content and Data safe.

You might have multiple domains for multiple businesses or a single platform operating on several websites. Whatever the case, you have probably encountered a hacker or two by now.

Site Back-Ups are important to your sites security and recovery [if needed], but when you are in charge of multiple sites it can also be a daunting task keeping up with all the updates, back-ups, security checks, and Site sweeps. They are also your safety net for when a hacker unfortunately destroys or distorts your current WordPress Site.

iremoteiRemoteWP Plug in Provides Control for Multiple Sites in One Place

iRemoteWP is a plug in that provides control for multiple WordPress Sites from one secure location. As the name states, you can remotely access your WordPress Dashboards to edit or customize themes, plug ins, set and track scheduled back-ups or do so manually- all from one “easy WordPress management system”.

Last updated only a month ago, iRemoteWP now allows you to remove any unwanted content and data from your sites; like spam and unwanted back links within your comments, auto-drafts and revision copies, and duplicated postmeta.

They also added new features for ease of use and to enhance its multi-site management capabilities. iRemoteWP has incorporated free key features and more:

  • You can post/edit/comment
  • Enables sending and tracking scheduled back-ups to your FTP area or DropBox Account
  • It now automatically updates itself… and all your WordPress Site Themes, Plug Ins, and WordPress Core.

Free Key Features

Freebies are always nice, but iRemoteWP offers a list of key free features that can give you piece of mind when it comes to accessing all that data in place.

  • Working on a multi-site capacity, it provides basic firewalls that protect multiple login attempts known as brute force attacks on your WordPress Sites!
  • One Click Back Up method for both WordPress Files and Database Folders
  • You can manage your theme and plug ins by locking/unlocking their auto-update features, customize your theme and plug ins, and even remove any plug ins or theme features you don’t want active on your WordPress Site.
  • You can add to your favorite themes and also create your own theme and plug ins.
  • Monitor your sites loading speed and places you can optimize your WordPress Site.

While iRemoteWP doesn’t offer substantial security [besides the basic log in firewalls] they do note that they are currently working on enhancing its security features. They do offer support and an easy to follow installation video, and have great surprises in store for paid customers.

CMS Managers can top any Plug In

You still have to manage multiple sites yourself, and while iRemoteWP can ease the burden by providing multi-site functionality for editing, customizing, and updating- CMS Managers can do you one better. Working with a Plug in can be compromising and also require a basic knowledge of computer or tech skills.

By providing you with several packages to choose from and personally tended by professionals, CMS Mangers can help support your security by strengthening your firewalls, help you maintain Site Control, and also provide personal support for your Content Management Systems.  Allow CMS Managers to personally see to your CMS needs, support, and security issues with packages starting at just $29.99!


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