Reducing Spam Comments With Cookies

Spam and WordPress Sites

It is no secret that WordPress Sites are frequently flooded by Spam Bots and Spammers seeking higher rankings among search engines and faster views from BackLinks and redirects.

WordPress Site Owners find themselves filtering their Comments for abrasive advertisements or rude commentary, Backlinks leading to malicious sites, and deleting numerous irrelevant comments from competing site owners hoping to poach viewers on a daily basis.

Automated Scripts invading WordPress Comments

Spam comments may seem never ending, but there are ways to keep Automated Scripts or Spam Bots from invading your WordPress Comments.

AutoScripts are just sometimes automatic memos from other site owners when they reference your work or cite you in any published content. Most new site owners don’t understand the difference between backlinks, pingbacks, trackbacks, etc.

These Spam Bots have a very specific purpose and target commonly used coding among WordPress Sites. They can complete the general WordPress Template Contact Form, however Spam Bots will reject any files requiring them to do any extra legwork; for example, downloading images files and Spreadsheets.

Cookies for Comments

Since Spam Bots move extremely quick scanning sites to spam, they can be hard to catch; an easy trick to get them to leave as quickly as they came is Cookies for Comment, a WordPress Plug In for verifying user authenticity.

Implementing a Plug In like Cookies for Comments allows your WordPress Site to offer any visitor a Cookie [image file or spreadsheet embedded within your sites coding] upon visiting your page.

This crafty little Plug In works great in unison with the popular Askimet’s comment protection. By filtering all comments before they have a chance to make it to your Askimet Spam box, it decreases the amount spam that actually makes it through.

Cookies for Comments may not the end to spam comments invading your WordPress Site but it does provide visible results when tackling spam bots. There are several ways to further defeat spammers’ attempts to exploit the popularity of your WordPress Site.

For more help securing your WordPress Site and building its basic firewalls to prevent spam comments and other nuisances, contact CMS Managers today and ask about their various WordPress Support Services!


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