Reason number 4 for using WordPress: It is Free

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Reason number 4 for using WordPress: It is Free

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This series of WordPress has cited three major reasons for using WordPress in designing websites. Here, reason number 4 for using WordPress: It is Free.

A standout amongst the frequently made inquiry by our clients is “Do I need to pay to utilize WordPress?”. We let them know that WordPress is a free and open source programming, which is generally trailed by, “Why is WordPress Free?”. In this post, we will talk about why WordPress is free, the expenses of running a WordPress site, and what’s the catch?

WordPress is 100% Free

WordPress is an open source programming. It is free in the feeling of flexibility not in the feeling of free brew. You might ask what is the distinction between these two? Open Source programming accompanies flexibility for you to utilize, adjust, expand upon, and redistribute the product in any capacity you like. Nonetheless, there may be costs included some place. We will examine the expense of utilizing the open source WordPress programming later in this article.

Why Don’t They Offer WordPress as a Product?

wordpress-icon2We frequently get inquired as to why don’t individuals and organizations behind WordPress offer it? On the off chance that WordPress is in the same class as everybody says, then they would clearly profit by offering it. This announcement would bode well, if a solitary organization or individual claimed WordPress.

WordPress is an open source group venture where a huge number of skilled individuals have made commitments to make it into an incredible programming that it is today. There is a center group of engineers that lead the venture advancement, yet anybody can contribute patches, report bugs, recommend highlights and so forth. Moreover, extend pioneers change starting with one form then onto the next. In the event that you get included into the group, then you can undoubtedly turn into a center benefactor of WordPress.

The logic behind Open Source programming development is that product are not care for other unmistakable items. Once a product is made, it can be replicated commonly with little cost. We should take sample of a toy production line. Every toy made has distinctive parts and every part has an expense. The assembling expense of these parts can be ascertained by the industrial facility to choose a sensible net revenue for the item. Then again the expense of making a product and making duplicates of it is not the same. A few gatherings trust that with every duplicate sold, the overall revenue of the product turns out to be more unreasonable.

Good for the World Wide Web. Its growth is a celebration for open sources “aficionado.”

And so it is free. Some themes and plugins would need to be paid for but the fee is minimal, usually for just a couple of dollars, that they are practically free. (May be just enough to pay for the bottom-less coffee or a few sticks of cigarettes for the programmers).

As open source, the source code of the WordPress software can be studied and modified by anyone.

How many themes and plugins are available for free?  2,600+ themes and 31,000+ plugins, and counting.  How this software has grown and evolved in the last 13 years, is almost beyond imagination.

Reason number 4 for using WordPress: It is Free.  One service you might consider paying for however is a backup, security and optimization service that will backup all of your files, scan for malware and keep your plugins and core WordPress files updated.  CMS Managers manages 100’s of client sites.  They can focus on their business without worrying about hackers or or a slow website.


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