Reason Number 3 for using WordPress: Search Engine Friendly

In two earlier articles, the “easy to learn and “easy to use” aspects of WordPress were highlighted but now we’re going to discuss Reason Number 3 for using WordPress: Search Engine Friendly.

Okay, you have a site. Now you are interested in having your intended viewers visit your site, particularly if your site is intended for advertising and selling a product or a service, or if you have a mission and vision you want people to recognize.

You would be wondering whether WordPress can help you reach as many viewers and visitors as you might want. In other words, make your site very popular.

seo photoHere’s the good news. With WordPress you have access to tons of plugins that can help you’re site become discovered and ranked in Google.

WordPress is very attractive to search engine sites. This is the result of the high quality code it uses. There is a WordPress SEO plugin that makes this possible.

But what is SEO, in the first place? Search Engine Optimization is a technique which makes search engines like Google, take notice of your site so that when certain keywords are used by searchers (on the internet of course), your website lands on page 1. The target is to make your website in the top 5 of that search as you will likely receive plenty of targeted traffic to your website.

The reason for this is to make your site easily visible and accessible so the searchers are immediately led to it and then they can have the opportunity to learn more about what products or services you are offering.

This ranking, plus a beautiful website can allow you to reap the benefits of your SEO friendly WordPress Website. People searching on the web are usually in a hurry. The best way to reach them is to have them access your site in their first view of the results of their search.

Necessarily, to achieve the above, there are techniques to use and WordPress enthusiasts have written about this on many sites.  Read, learn and test.  Tired of having to constantly update your WordPress site?  Let CMS Managers optimize, secure and backup your wordpress website every month so that you can focus on running your business.

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