Reason Number 2 for using WordPress: Easy to use

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Reason Number 2 for using WordPress: Easy to use.  Our #1 reason cited in the previous article “easy to learn” was emphasized but now we’d like to focus on ease of use.

The term “using” refers to being adept and “at home” in “manipulating” what WordPress offers. Here are some reasons why WordPress is easy to use.

  1. Easy to add important info.  Most all WordPress themes have “theme options” that allow you to quickly and easily add important info such as your company address and phone number.  Sometimes this info is located in the header or footer of the theme.  Sometimes you must use the widget area to add this info but using widget is also easy.  You simply type in the info you wish to display, click save and your website will be automatically updated with the new info you input.
  2. Easy to use content editor.  When creating blog posts or pages, the content editor is user-friendly. No programming skills are needed at all.  You can easily add text, links or images with ease.
  3. Plugins are easy to install and use.  If you need to add a contact form, display your facebook like box, add reviews or seo features, there are thousands of plugins for WordPress that allow you setup your website exactly how you want it.

With these splendid features, WordPress is a hit and is the CMS of choice for those wishing to use a simple content management system, with more than 23.3% of the top 10 million websites worldwide using it as of January 2015.

WordPress has been updated over 100 times since it was launched in 2003 with no plans on slowing down as it dominates current CMS usage statistics.  Again, a major reason for the surge in popularity is Reason Number 2 for using WordPress: Easy to use!  If you have a WordPress website that you’d rather have someone else manage, update, secure and optimize let CMS Managers WordPress Support services help.


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