Reason number 1 for using WordPress: Easy to learn

wordpress easy to learn

Reason number 2 for using WordPress: Easy to learn.  If you are thinking about having a website you can call your own, not only because it is about you or anything of interest to you such as a home-based business (such as advertising your writing skills or your ability to teach English lessons) then your platform of choice is WordPress.

WordPress it!

wordpress support and maintenence servicesThere are many reasons why one would want to use WordPress.  This article will deal with reason number 1: WordPress is easy to learn.  Okay well not to say there won’t be a learning curve but there are so many video and written tutorials on just about every aspect of using WordPress.  This allows you to get up and running quickly.

This should be foremost in your criteria for choosing the web design program you will use since having the skills and capability to create and manage your website is the ideal situation. You will be your own man. Your own boss. This is an ideal situation where you are not dependent on others to create a website and keep it running.

Why is it easy to learn?

Simple. You don’t need programming skills to set up your website. You don’t need to know html or php to design to customize your WordPress site.

You just have to choose a theme from hundreds available, make some text edits and save!  Yes it will take you a bit of time to get things exactly as you want but the fact is you don’t have to pay someone to get your WordPress website online.  There are simple plugins you can add to cover things like contact forms, social media links, seo and more.

When people think about creating their own website, many times they feel it’s not something they could do themselves but that notion is no longer fact.  The reality is that with a bit of work and reading tutorials, you can have your website up and running in less than 1 week.

That quick? Yes, that quick.  We also know that people are busy and not everyone is tech savvy.  If you have your website up and running but find it difficult to keep up with updating your theme plugins or if you worry about security, let CMS Managers help manage your wordpress site.  We have years of experience and over 100 satisfied customers who trust us each month to backup, secure and optimize their WordPress website.


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