Introducing: WordPress and Mailchimp

Introducing: WordPress and Mailchimp

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Introducing: WordPress and Mailchimp. WordPress is a popular software used in creating and developing websites. Even if you don’t know how to make and design a website you can have one that is professional-looking and is visually attractive.

Statistics report that WordPress is used in about a fourth of the world’s ten million websites. It is quite a large number considering that it was only launched in 2003. Not surprising though, WordPress gives the users a convenient way of creating impressive websites.

WordPress is widely used because even non-programmers and those who are not web designers get empowered to design their own websites. All over the world there are thousands of WordPress loyalists. They have been using WordPress as their means of conveying information and in marketing for some time. They comprise the huge WordPress community.

WordPress has been evaluated and admired as having four characteristics that makes it a hit, namely:

  • It is easy to learn
  • It is easy to use
  • It is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly
  • It is free since it is an open source software

All of the above are considered in developing websites.

But here’s a very interesting facts. It offers free themes and plugins. These are the main features of the software’s easy-to-use characteristic.

In this article the focus is on a particular plugin: Mailchimp for WordPress.

Describe briefly below is Mailchimp for WordPress.

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Mailchimp is used in email marketing services. Among the advantages of using it are:

  • Mailchimp sends billion of emails per month. It is recognized as having the ability of sending emails fast and in bulk. It can send emails to many potential customers of your business. That is quite a feat. It is simply spectacular because it strikes at what can be considered a core strategy of any business: marketing. To show its popularity, it has been reported that ten million people and businesses resort to Mailchimp for sending emails on a daily basis.
  • It is very useful for small businesses because Mailchimp can adequately handle their need to send emails even as their business volume grows bigger.
  • Mailchimp is also a newsletter service that allows users to send out email campaigns. It is free up to a list of 2000 subscribers a large number for small firms.

This type of service is essential for businesses who wants to grow it’s subscribers list so that they can market products/services to them as well as share valuable information about your company and industry.  This Mailchimp WordPress plugin allows you to do it in a simple and easy way.

Thus when developing websites especially for eCommerce it is always important to consider how the site will be marketed.  This article has pointed out an example of an email marketing service called Mailchimp.  Here you can sign up for Mailchimp.


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