WordPress site loading slowly? Let us fix it!

Increase Site Speed & Data base Optimization Rating: 5 Stars out of 5 based on 29 Customer Reviews

$99 Increase Site Speed & Optimizing WP

Increase Site Speed & Optimize WP

We’ll Increase Your Website Speed & Optimize WordPress!

Is your website running slow?  Getting Error 500 Internal Server Errors?  Having a slow site is frustrating for both you and your visitors.  Visitors hate slow sites and will not be repeat visitors.

Fixing a slow site is not as easy as clicking a few buttons or installing a plugin.  The most important and time consuming aspect of fixing a slow website is to find the root cause of your slow website.  Is it a plugin, malware, SPAM, malicious code, server issues or a combination of several issues?  This service includes the following:

  1. Full Malware Scan (Any Malware found will be deleted)
  2. Plug Resources Evaluation (we’ll see which plugin is using the most memory and make recommendations based on our findings.)
  3. Optimizing WordPress Database (this includes over 30 items including, trashed posts, pages and commend, spammed comments, unused tags, ‘expired transients’ ,’pingbacks’ and ‘trackbacks’, ‘orphan postmeta items and more.