How to optimize your wordpress site

How to optimize WordPress

How to Optimize Your WordPress Site

Optimize wordpressBecause we live in a world where there is instant access to data, any information is available to you within a flutter of the keys.  With this instant access comes a limited time to capture a user’s attention.  Short attention spans come with the territory these days so shouldn’t you optimize your WordPress site to load as quickly as possible?  Let us show you how to optimize your WordPress site.

It can be easy to optimize wordpress if you know where to start.  This article will give you some direction to help streamline your blog and optimize your site in the best way possible.

  • Hosting – your site host will be important for many reasons, one of them, the speed at which your page loads.  Research your hosting service and find a host that has excellent support, a content delivery network, updated hardware and dedicated packages for WordPress.  A great hosting option that gets incredible reviews is Site Ground Hosting for WordPress.
  • Keep your wordpress theme simple – use a WordPress theme that is minimalistic and doesn’t rely on tons of plugins to function properly. Also, keep the plugins down to the bare essentials.  No more than 15.  Always avoid bloating the page with plugins or widgets that don’t add value to the page or it’s visitors.
  • Make sure that your home page is minimalistic as well. – in the same vein, you’ll want to keep your WordPress home page or landing pages optimized.  Cut down on widgets that bloat your page with javascript calls and heavy rotating sliders.
  • Use a wordpress plugin for caching – some of the best plugins are ones that generate static html files from your dynamic pages. A caching plugin will help or improve your page loading time.  The easiest caching plugin to use is WP Super Cache.
  • Optimize your images – your site graphics can take a while to load if they aren’t optimized effectively.  You can use Photoshop or other editing programs to save files in a lossless format or “save for web”.  WordPress also offers plugins to optimize graphics like WP-SmushIt.
  • Use A CDN.  A content delivery network seems intimidating so most people avoid even learning about a CDN but it will make all the difference in the world.  A CDN works by routing all of your pages and content to its servers that are closest closest to your visitors.  You can add one for FREE. That’s right.  Head over to CloudFlare CDN Services and learn more.

As you can see there are quite a few tools at your disposal to that will show you how to optimize your WordPress site.  It really comes down to keeping the site functional without adding unnecessary bells or whistles.  You want to focus on quality over quantity, then streamline that quality across your site.  Optimizing your WordPress site can be intimidating if you aren’t familiar with where and what to optimize.  At CMS Managers, we take this burden away for you.  Our only focus is on securing, optimizing and backing up your wordpress site.  See what we have to offer.  Our WordPress support and maintenance packages start at just $29.99.


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