How to Optimize Your WordPress Site

Optimize wordpress

Home Based Business & Blogging

When you’re starting out online with a home based business any internet marketer worth his salt will tell you should have a blog. This is recommended as a way to drive traffic to your content which creates back links from other websites to your product offer.

The quickest and easiest way to create your blog is through WordPress. They provide the web page for you free of charge as well as step-by-step instructions on how to create your internet site.

Optimize Website for Major Search Engines

In order to attract the Internet traffic you need to make sales and profits and succeed online you must optimize your website to get the attention of the major search engines on the web.

These optimization strategies help you get ranked for searches related to your key words. A first page listing is the ultimate goal for any online enterprise because this translates into more visitors to your web page.

Here are 5 search engine optimization tactics you can use to help get your WordPress blog ranked on page one of Google and company:

  1. Before you add any content to your blog you should use the Google keyword research tool to find the best phrase to construct your web page around. Long tail key words are often best to use because it’s very difficult to rank on the first page for more competitive words. Your long tail phrases should contain four or five words related to your overall topic or theme which are searched for online.
  2. Once you’ve discovered your key words you should install the WordPress SEO plug-in which will help make the search engines take notice of your blog. This tool will allow you to enter your website’s key words to the title tag, to the meta key words and to the meta description area to help maximize the traffic to your blog posts.
  3. Adding unique content to your blog on a regular basis is an excellent strategy for getting ranked within the search engines. Writing your own articles on topics related to your key words will increase your blog’s appearance in the search results for your key phrases. If you aren’t into writing you can outsource this chore and pay someone to write editorials for you to add to your site.
  4. Your permalink settings should be arranged so your blog post title is displayed within your URL. This also helps Google, Yahoo and Bing locate your website because you now have more key words displayed on your home page
  5. Because of the popularity of social media websites on the web social media plug-ins are a great way to invite your readers to interact with your content. By liking your post on Facebook or tweeting it to their followers via Twitter your visitors will help increase traffic to your blog, increase the number of back links to your site on the Internet as well as help your article get indexed faster by the search engines.

Master SEO for WordPress

Search engine optimization is an important strategy to master so your WordPress blog receives the attention it deserves from Google and friends and your online home business prospers as a result.

For help mastering SEO for WordPress, contact CMS Managers today. They can provide you with various WordPress Support Services and additional information on how you can best optimize your website.


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