How to fix your slow WordPress site

Increase WordPress Site Speed.

How to fix your slow WordPress site

We live in a world of high speed internet, fiber and 4G LTE connections and it goes without saying that your website should follow the trend when it comes to instant access.  If you’re site is loading slowly there’s a chance you’ll lose followers, loading time is THAT important.  So how do you fix a slow loading WordPress site?

First and foremost, check the loading speed of your website through a speed test, you can use a third party service online to check the load times on your page.  It could be something as simple as your own internet connection so make sure you cover all your bases before assuming your site is the actual problem. Pingdom Website Speed Test is a good service that offers a lot of information about potential bottlenecks on your site.  You’ll also need to ensure that you aren’t using a lot of plugins.  You should have under 20 plugins.  A great tool to see which plugins are using a lot of resources is the P3 Plugin Performance Profiler.

If you’ve performed a speed test and your still wondering how to fix your slow WordPress site you can always try checking your web host.  Using a cheaper service may not be the best in terms of service and options, they will not serve your site in the long term and may end up costing your site business so always go with the best hosting within your budget.  Cheap hosting services keep their prices low by running shared services, this means that hundreds of pages will run on a single server thus slowing down everyone’s load times.  Research the best options out there to get the most for your money.

Optimize or compress the images found on your site and be sure to use a “lossless” compression option.  This allows for a reduced file size without loss of image quality.  In Photoshop this can be through various file types such as PNG or through the “Save for Web” option.  You can also use online image optimizers if you don’t have access to Photoshop.

With any change or update to your site always do your research and make small changes.  By taking it slow you can observe the differences and note which services work for you and which ones don’t.  Optimization is a journey and it will change as both your site and technology evolve.

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