How to Fix a Slow WordPress Site

How to Fix a Slow WordPress Site

It often happens that some Self-Hosted WordPress websites  won’t run fast; this could be due to various reasons including daily heavy traffic receipt, huge files being loaded within your website and unfit coding.

So, if you have a self-hosted WordPress website and experience its running slower than usual here are some tips on accelerating WordPress.

Updates, Plug ins, and more

The most important aspect of having a WordPress site is to be sure you use WordPress latest version, through updating frequently. This is explained by the upgrades every new release provides you with. Every update implies fixed problems you could have experienced in old versions and is always better than the previous release.

This also concerns WordPress plugins – you need to have them updated every time their new versions appear. But be careful with using too much plugins for your WordPress as this may be also the reason your website runs slowly. If you don’t use some of the plugins installed to your WordPress you better disable them or even remove at all in order to decrease the number of scripts and codes which are kept within every plugin and thus facilitate your website operating.

Another important thing about your self-hosted WordPress website running is the code. Sometimes you need to clean it up to let your site load faster and easier.

There are several ways of accomplishing this task:

  • Reduce whitespace (the spaces you use within your code). Whitespaces can make the coding readable and thus better for perception but they may also slow down your website loading adding to the total size.
  •  It is better to use external scripts instead of countless numbers of codes within header.php file.
  • Shorthand CSS is also considered to be favorable for your WordPress site running as well as for your web browser.

Another trick to speed up your self-hosted WordPress website is to decrease PHP and database queries. The more queries your web browser needs to fulfill the more time it will take your website to load. These are just a few simple tips every web master should be aware of in order to accelerate a self-hosted WordPress website.

Increasing the loading time of your WordPress Site could increase your Search Ranks and, as a result, your potential traffic. For more help on how you can optimize your site and other WordPress Support Services, contact CMS Managers.


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