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Helpful WordPress plugins

wordpress photoEveryone who has a WordPress website would like more info on Helpful WordPress plugins.  WordPress plugins are present in all of the nearly 2.5 million websites created using WordPress. This number is certainly “awesome and amazing”. It initially must come as a surprise to many. The number keeps growing and for good reasons. A major reason for this surge in its use is the availability of thousands of plugins that add to the functionality of WordPress.

Functionality means there are many tasks that the user of the website is able to do and there are many ways by which the website is able to help its visitors. This is so because these plugins enable web designers and web developers or the users to put features that suit the purpose and needs of the website.

WordPress makes it easy to find, choose, install, use, monitor and upgrade the plugins. With this feature WordPress proves that it is user friendly.

There are daily updates about WordPress plugins. You can see it at the dashboard of your website. You have to log-in using your account and password so you can see the updates. You can select what plugin you want to install.

Usually, a few plugins are enough for most users such as dealing with spam or post listings.

If more are needed, some of the favorites are weather report, rating systems and post word counts.

wordpress photoIn this regard there is a piece of advice: just install the plugins that you need in your website and just any plugin that comes to mind. Do not install a plugin which you think you won’t use because it will make your website load slow. As you know, most viewers do not want to open a website that takes time to load. For them, it is a waste of their very precious time.

Usually, these plugins are free. They are designed and created by volunteers. At the latest count, there are about 42,822 plugins that can add to the functionality of a website using WordPress.

Consider these WordPress plugins:

  • Jetpack, has been installed over a million times
  • Akismet which detects if the comment to akismet web service is spam or not
  • WP Super cache which produces static html files
  • Buddy Press that helps run social media networks, and
  • Theme check which tests your theme with the latest WordPress standards and practices.

Each one of these plugins serves a much needed purpose for your WordPress site.  If you need additional assistance managing and updating your plugins, please sign up with CMS Managers.  We are experts in helping our clients manage and secure their wordpress sites.


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