Combating WordPress Spam Comments

remove spam comments from wordpress

Combating WordPress Spam Comments

Today we’re going to show you how to Combating WordPress Spam Comments.  Anyone who has a website or blog has experience spam commenting.  When using a CMS platform such as WordPress you have ways to combat spam comments, some of these are already installed as part of WordPress itself.  These are built-in ways to monitor and prevent spam, but there’s also a variety of plugins available to perform this task.

Plugins and built-in security features cannot manage every aspect of spam.  Spammers will evolve and change the tactics to meet security features as they themselves evolve.  Since the spammers are always changing, you must always change to combat spam comments effectively.

It is important to do your research and stay current with WordPress security plugins.  Make sure patches are installed regularly and update your plugins to meet current standards.

One of the default anti-spam programs within WordPress is Akismet, this program uses algorithms and a database to monitor spam comments.  The system actually learns from its own database which comments are spam and which ones are authentic.  Akismet is loaded by default when installing WordPress.

An important part of combating WordPress spam comments is to check the Akismet control panel.  By monitoring comments that are marked by Akismet you can lower the rate of false positives and contribute to the community database.  It is an effective and efficient system for spam detection.

If you already have a lot of spam comments and are looking for easy way to bulk remove spam comments, you can use this awesome plugin.

You can also use the moderation feature that is integrated into WordPress.  This option is found under Settings > Discussion.  From there check “An administrator must approve the comment”.  Being able to moderate your comments can be a very effective way to combat WordPress spam comments, however, this can be time consuming.

If moderating your blog is too time intensive, you can also check into features such as Captcha or using Cookies for Comments.  There are many ways to reduce the chance a spammer’s comment will get through.  WordPress is incredible well equipped to deal with this sort of attack.  As a site owner, you also need to stay current in comment moderation and evolve your “defense” to handle new tactics.

CMSManagers can help you create, maintain and modify a spam solution.  Contact us to discuss your options.


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