Blocking Spam Bots: The Hidden HoneyPot

Blocking Spam Bots: The Hidden HoneyPot. Spam Comments can be a major head ache. While there are easy measures you can take to prevent them, sometimes these easy methods are a form of punishment for those who actually do want to quickly leave a comment and be on their way. Let CMS Managers show you why it’s easier to catch flies with honey than with vinegar.

Common Ways to Block Spam Comments

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Most times, Site owners require visitors to sign up or verify by leaving their e-mail, name, etc. which can sometimes be viewed as a ploy, in which sometime later they can expect some spammy e-mail. Other times Owners make the viewers read indiscernible captchas to verify that the commentator is indeed human.

Laugh if you want but Spam Comments, generally created by Bots, are placed all over millions of websites every day. With a majority of them being WordPress Format, it makes it easier for Bots to target the similar coding quicker. This allows them to flood you with unwanted back links, shameless advertisements, and other aspects that could damage not just your site engagement but its loading time.

Honey is better than Vinegar

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Blocking Spam Bots: The Hidden HoneyPot. Instead of leaving a sour taste in the mouths of faithful readers, try something a little more incognito. Along with Automatic Spam control offered by Askimet, pre-installed in all WordPress sites, users are encouraged to try HoneyPot Technology.

This Security is effective in the fact that it doesn’t require anything from the commentator but the Spam Bot. By asking the Spam Bot a question only they can see [embedded in the coding] it causes them to inadvertently reveal themselves, allowing HoneyPot to capture and dispose of them. All you need to do is install it and then activate WP Spam Fighter; head to settings, open WP Spam Fighter, and enable Honeypot to do the rest.

Handling Spam Comments can be an annoyance. CMS Managers wants to help you alleviate the pressure by providing you with tips and tools to successfully combat Spam Comment on your WordPress Sites. Allow us to help you fight off Spam Bots with our WordPress Maintenance and Support packages starting at just $29.99!



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