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$69 Blacklist Removal

Blacklist Removal

We’ll Help Get Your IP Address Removed from Anti-Spam Databases and Get Your Site Re-indexed in Google!

Is your IP address black listed? Your emails aren’t reaching their destination? Visitors can’t access your website because Google is telling everyone that your site has been hacked or has detected Malware?  There are several ways your IP can be blacklisted but it’s typically a result of SPAM and/or malware.

Problem: Your site is injected with malware that allows someone to send SPAM using your email.  Someone notifies their mail provider that you are sending out SPAM and all of sudden your website is inaccessible.

Solution:  Once we verify that your IP is in fact blacklisted, we’ll run a full Malware Scan to determine the type of infection and remove it immediately. Once we are 100% sure that the malicious files/code have been removed, we’ll use Googles Diagnostic, Webmaster’s and Reconsideration Tools to Submit a review to Google.  Many times we will receive an update within 24 hours but in some cases it may take several weeks.

See if your IP has been blacklisted.

Why pay a one time fee when you can hire us to manage and secure  your website 365 days per year?  Your business is that important.  Sign up for one of our affordable plans and  we’ll provide our Blacklist Removal Service for FREE.  All you have to do once you sign up is to send us a ticket with your username.  Once we verify that you have been black-listed, we get your site re-indexed by Google at no additional charge.