Avoid GoDaddy Hosting

don't use godaddy hosting

Avoid GoDaddy Hosting

Avoid GoDaddy Hosting at all costs.  If you’re thinking about creating and hosting a website no doubt GoDaddy has crossed your mind, after all, you’ve seen the commercials right?!  They are a popular registrar for domains and they offer web hosting.  If you’re like most average web users or come from a background that isn’t necessarily technical, GoDaddy seems like the obvious first choice but this is definitely a case where you need to do your research.  Once you do, you’ll find a lot of reasons to avoid GoDaddy altogether.

GoDaddy is also known to load tons of customers onto their shared hosting plans.  This means that a large number of users are sharing a single server.  The result – slow hosting and a slow loading website.   I was amazed to learn that GoDaddy still has it’s first generation servers in use from over 10 years ago.  For a service that offers hosting as its number one product, that’s unacceptable!  Trust me, there are better options out there.

The user interface or dashboard for GoDaddy is very hard to navigate, especially if you’re a novice.  You’re overwhelmed with advertising the minute you login and then you have to wade through their admin categories.

Let’s talk about support and technical help with GoDaddy.  It’s definitely not up to par with many users reporting that customer service actually made their problem worse or caused further issues through their suggested support and don’t get me started on their chat.  To date I have NEVER been able to chat with anyone at Go Daddy through the GoDaddy Chat Link.

I was also shocked to learn that GoDaddy does not allow you to whitelist IP addresses via remote mySQL.  This means that you can’t use a backup service or another service that needs unfettered access to your site.  The rep told me that it was to protect your site but that’s hog wash.  All modern hosting options that use cPanel offer remote SQL to do just that.

Another reason to avoid GoDaddy, they don’t cater to a professional user or audience.  This means that they lack scalability and in most cases you’ll outgrow their services.


You have many choices when it comes to your hosting services, this is partly due to the revolution in CMS platforms and the growing popularity of WordPress, so use this to your advantage.  Don’t cave to attractive advertising and host with the first provider you find.  GoDaddy spends a lot of money to get your foot in the door but once you’re in there’s not a lot to keep you there.  If you’re planning for long term involvement or want an online presence that grows with your business, avoid GoDaddy.  Do your research on hosting options, it’s not as hard as you may think.

Having a hard time making a decision?  Maybe you don’t know where to start?  CMSManagers can help you get started with WordPress or help migrate your website to WordPress.  Let us know how we can help.



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