Avoid Godaddy Hosting

don't use godaddy hosting

Avoid Godaddy Hosting Problems for your Website

There are various large hosting companies such as Godaddy and the likes; there are also various problems hosting your website with a large company such as Godaddy.

In fact, I would even say that depending upon your needs, you may even want to avoid Godaddy hosting completely. It leaves you wanting for the personal touch, and the priority support that you deserve. Although most of those companies advertise that they provide the best support, most of them fall short when it comes to delivering.

1. You will be a small customer for them, you won’t affect their revenue.

At a small hosting company, your business will be valued greatly. You will be cherished as a customer. You will be given attention and respect. Unlike at a large web hosting company, you will be treated as just one more customer. This will also result in real visible effects in your hosting account. For example, if you are having some problems with your email – a large hosting company would just send you a bunch of steps to follow and expect you to figure it out from there. A small hosting company may go further, by assisting you through a remote desktop service, such as VLC or admin.

2. Availability of resources such as processing power, RAM

In a large web hosting company, you are most likely going to get crowded out, you may have very little processing power on the server. In a smaller web hosting company you are likely to have a larger share in the processing power given that there would be lesser customers and each customer would have a larger share of the overall resources. This means that you there are more people using the servers, so you get less. Yet another reason to avoid Godaddy hosting, as well as other big hosting companies.

3. Price

The price you pay for hosting at a smaller web hosting company is generally lesser. Big companies like Godaddy charge $5 per month, whilst smaller companies charge anywhere from $1-$3 a month. This may not sound like much, but over time can easily add up to be big bucks…another reason to avoid Godaddy hosting.

4. Support Small Business

Small businesses support employment and innovation. It is always better to support a small business instead of patronizing a big business. In San Francisco most of the people support smaller coffee shops like Phiz Coffee, and Blue Bottle instead of Starbucks. This gives you personalized service, and a better product on the whole.

Conclusion: Quality Support and Service from Small Business

It always helps being with a small business, you get helpful suggestions to help your own business grow, you get quality support and you get top quality service. At the same time, if you are a sophisticated user and you know what you need and the product you are buying, and you don’t need support – you may be better off purchasing web hosting from a large company, given the price being favorable.

So now you know exactly why you should avoid Godaddy hosting, as well as other larger hosting companies and stick with a smaller one.


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