Akismet For Beginners: WordPress Comment Filter

Pre-Installed WordPress Comment Filter

If you have already installed your WordPress and have had time to fiddle with is many features and fun gadgets, then you might have noticed it came pre-installed with a pair of plug ins; one of these being Akismet, A WordPress Comment Filter. You might think it a general plug in now, but this common plug in will be of tremendous value to your WordPress Site in the future.

Spam Comments are not uncommon to any WordPress Site and over time the repetitive act of deleting unsolicited advertisements, unwarranted Link backs, and offensive comments will get tiring. Spam Bots will continue to create chaos among your WordPress Comments and people will exploit your lax comment regulations to shamelessly advertise or leave unpleasant comments or worse Link s that lead to malware. Akismet Is your number one solution to handling these reoccurring spam comments altogether.

What is Akismet?

A WordPress Comment Filter by Automattic and Kismet was created by WordPress Co-Founder Matt Mullenweg as a means to alleviate the amount of spam and ping backs received on WordPress Blogs. Using their algorithm to turn Akismet into a growing and evolving plug in that collects user data in regards to comment moderation to catch the latest spam techniques and act accordingly.

For example, when participating websites report certain comments as spam, Akismet collects the information and remember to label as spam in the future. While this Spam Blocker is free to those blogging for personal and non-business sites; however it is available for purchase for business

Why Akismet over other Spam Blocking Techniques?

Among the vast amount of comments received on popular websites, a little more than two-thirds of these comments are spam. Yikes, imagine the process of daily comment moderation when you are up against hundreds of spammers [human and robot alike] and there is no basic firewall to protect you from all that content flooding your WordPress; it goes without saying that this is a tool no WordPress Site can go without. Saving WordPress owners’ time and lessening the level of stress it takes to do it successfully, Akismet is the Comment Filter to have.

While many throw stones at Akismet for it often reads a comment that is clearly HAM and labels it SPAM either because it included links, offensive words, or any number of reasons that have developed with its growing algorithm. These miss-labeled comments are known as False Positives. Another reason for a false positive is that the user commenting has been labeled spam by too many other blogs and so all comments afterwards were caught and labeled spam as well. This automatic platform may have a few kinks but it is the only WordPress Plug In you hear mentioned by Novices and expert bloggers alike in regards to blocking spam comments.

Was my Comment Detected as Spam?

Because Akismet is a learning algorithm it will tend to make some minor mistakes, like submitting unique comments as spam; so, how do you know if your comments are being marked spam?

When someone submits an original comment that was mistakably marked spam, then it will not show up as others do awaiting moderation within your WordPress Admin Notifications like usual. You might notice that when you check your comments, a notice will appear stating Akismets activity for that period. Not only will it inform you as to how many comments it has filtered as spam, if there are any in the Spam Queue that have yet to be deleted, you can verify whether or not Akismet is properly filtering your WordPress Comments.

For those wondering if their submitted comments have been marked as spam on other sites, there should be a follow-up behind your comment. Along with your intended comment should be a notification of awaiting moderation, if this did not appear upon completing your comment it is best to notify the site administrator. This will allow them from canning your comment and it being read as a false-positive, as well as provide the site owner the opportunity to correct this mistake with Akismet.

Helping Akismet Moderate Your WordPress Commentsremove spam comments from wordpress

Hopefully this has given you some insight in the necessity of this seemingly common, pre-installed WordPress Plug, Akismet, as the most important Spam Blocker for your WordPress Comments; while Akismet might seem like a do-it-all tool for ease there are some things you can do to help it cut spam comments out all-together.

  • Invest in further spam protection like Honey Pot technology to catch those relentless spam bots from leaving automated comments and linkbacks.
  • Follow up on Akismet Stats. Akismet keeps a thorough log of all comments it filters- whether spam or not. Check your stats frequently to ensure that there aren’t any mis-labeled comments or glitches in your developing Algorithm.
  • Security Plug Ins like Cookies for Comments could cut the work Akismet does in half by halting Spam Bots in their places. WP re-CAPTCHA is another handy plug in that requires commenters to fill out your customized captcha test before submitting comments on your WordPress Site.

Increased Security And Moderation for WordPress Site

As your WordPress site develops and gains more Site Traffic, you will see a need for increased security and moderation. Take additional measures to remove the URL LINE from all comment forms, which should discourage anyone seeking an irrelevant linkback or free traffic from your WordPress site to theirs.

For additional help tackling spam comments and other WordPress issues, contact experts who can provide quality WordPress Support, Security, and Maintenance if needed.  CMS Managers has several WordPress Support and Maintenance Services with affordable packages starting at just $29.99!


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