5 reasons to have off-site WordPress backups

5 Reasons to Have Off-site WordPress Backups


A loss of data or website can be a devastating occurrence for any website be they professional or personal.  Data loss can have lasting impacts on the success or failure of your site or blog as well impacting visitor confidence in the material and its availability on your page.  With this in mind you should consider Offsite Backups for WordPress in order to keep your data safe and accessible.  Today we’ll discuss 5 reasons to have offsite wordpress backups.

In the digital age data loss is sometimes a necessary risk and one that is accepted as part of doing business when it comes to the online workplace.  The acceptance, however, does not mean you have to lose your entire online presence and this is where Offsite Backups for WordPress can help since having an offsite backup in place is just as important as the live content on your page.

5 reasons to have off site WordPress backups include:

  1. Online threats, viruses and malware – there are new viruses and malware designed everyday with as many threats and damages associated with them as there are malicious programs. Regular WordPress backups will  store your data in a safe place, offsite, but still allow you to have access to it.
  2. Deletion – files are commonly deleted or overwritten by mistake, data loss occurs when data and work flow conflict with one another, an Offsite Backup for WordPress will help create a restore point for you and your data.
  3. Power failure and spikes – losses of power can in turn have an effect on the data stored within computer systems and servers. WordPress backups can mitigate the effects of unexpected power and data loss
  4. Computer damages or mechanical issues – computer hardware will sometimes break or malfunction, an offsite backup will protect you in the event your hard drive becomes damaged or inoperable
  5. Property loss – theft of computer equipment is another common source of data loss whether it is an external hard drive or a work laptop, Offsite Backups for WordPress will secure your data in a location secondary to your hardware for easy recovery.

WordPress backups are not as complicated as they may appear, there’s a variety of ways you can store your site content and make sure you’re cover

ed in the event of data loss.  Make sure you and your data are covered with an Offsite Backup to WordPress, should data loss happen you’ll be ahead of the curve.

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