5 free sites to scan your wordpress site for malware

WordPress Malware Scanning

5 free sites to scan your wordpress site for malware

Malware Scanning for WrodpressWordPress is perhaps the single most popular CMS platform online today, this popularity also makes it an attractive target for spammers, hackers, and malicious software.

There are many free site scanners available today that will analyze your WordPress site and scan it for potential threats in the form of malware.  Usually, these sites operate as online URL scanners, you go to the website, enter in the URL you’re concerned about and the service will scan the page for suspicious items such as scripts or media.  Sometimes malware can be embedded in content found on legitimate web pages so these services can be invaluable.

  • Quttera – a cloud-based application, Quttera scans the URL you provide and generates a report on potential security threats.  Quttera offers an easy to understand report on potential threats embedding in your page, they’re a quick and efficient way to check on the status of your URL or one you’re browsing.
  • AVG Threat Labs – a simple and quick way to scan a website for malware or security threats.  AVG is a  big name in virus protection, that protection extends to site scanning with quick search functionality.  The AVG Threat Lab generates a complete report with a simple to understand format, it is simply one of the best options to scan a website.
  • Sucuri Site Check  – using the classic search bar method to scan a website of your choosing. Sucuri scanners use the latest technology to find blacklisted sites, malware and viruses on a website.  Sucrui offers some of the best site security out there and has several premium services available for your WordPress site.
  • Web Inspector– a very straightforward url scanner,  simply enter the URL of a webpage in the search bar then “scan”,  once the scan is complete, a malware report will be generated.  You can only scan a single page at a time.
  • Virus Total – a simple website scanner, this service provides identification of viruses, trojans and malware that could potentially infect your site.

These 5 free sites to scan your wordpress site for malware should come in handy.  Many of the companies that are listed above also offer paid or premium site monitoring but typically at a premium cost.  If your looking for a cost effective way to get daily scans, monitoring, backups and virus removal, we can help.  CMS Managers we provide daily WordPress Malware Scans so that we’ll know the second anything happens.  Coupled with our Firewall installation, our main goal is to help secure, optimize and backup your WordPress site.



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